Configure vRealize Orchestrator 8.1

How to Configure vRealize Orchestrator 8.1

In a previous article I documented steps required to install the latest VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.1. After vRO deployment, you have to go through the initial configuration of the application. In this article I will show you how to configure a standalone vRealize Orchestrator 8.1 with vSphere authentication.

By default the password expiry of the root account of the vRealize Orchestrator Appliance is set to 365 days. If you choose to extend the expiration period, you can do that opening a SSH connection to the vRO appliance and running this command:

passwd -x number_of_days_to_expire root

Configure vRealize Orchestrator - Change Password Expiration Policy

While you are connected to the SSH, you can also run a check for proper DNS resolution, forward and reverse:

nslookup vro_FQDN

nslookup vro_IP_address

Configure vRealize Orchestrator - Check DNS Resolution
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